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Posted in Uncategorized by DCroy on 19 November 2008
From the website.            

From the website.

Pentagram’s done some fine work for Saks; I’m a huge fan of Pentagram; I’m a huge fan of script typography. So I’m posting this more as a question than a criticism: how could you make their new(ish) logo work better at such a small size on the website? Embiggened to show pixelation The problem is that pixels are too coarse to capture the delicacy of the script. It would be nice if we had monitors that could somehow be made, like, stochastic rather than pixelated, but until then? Do you make it bigger? Do you take a photo of the printed logo?  I love script, the print logo is beautiful, and then you end up trying to fudge it into unsplittable pixels, with mixed results. But not to bag on Saks – Brooks Brothers is even worse.

Brooks Brothers - actual size




I experimented (briefly) to see if there is any way to defeat the pixel, but I’m not sure there’s any easy answer – although I do think that leaving it to Photoshop alone, and trying to redraw it pixel-by-pixel are both equally lacking. FYI, shooting it didn’t work any better than fudging it in PS, and SVG is even worse.

Spencerian Sample

Sample 2

I know it’s much lighter than the Saks, but the x-height roughly corresponds. The example on the right is a little better, but I’m just not sure there’s a way to get the really shallow areas of the curves to look less like they were done on an Atari 2600.


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