Convenient, Modern, Reasonable

Posted in Fortune Magazine by DCroy on 7 December 2008


Again, we’re in type porn territory. But wow! It’s a small space, 1-column ad, but, apart from the craftsmanship – just think of the airbrush work that went into this – what inspires me about this is how much is communicated by the letterforms.

The Bottom Half

The Bottom Half

This is probably a function of the era as much as anything. There was a “Modern” then. I don’t think we have an identifiably modern aesthetic anymore. We have looks that are current, but the establishment and its identifiers has been long melted into a sort of visual soup. Various chunks float to the top in a convection of the varying degrees of faddish head, but everything is in too constant a motion to be prominent for very long.

Here’s a nice photo of it (and a story about how Jackie Robinson wasn’t allowed to stay there, in keeping with the new racist theme of my blog, apparently).


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