Grab Bag 4

Posted in Fortune Magazine by DCroy on 15 December 2008


I couldn’t find any info on James W Bell – they seem to’ve disappeared – but judging from the ad, I wonder if they were Brooks Brothers pretenders. The script looks sort of like a cheap imitation of “classy;” is really kind of uninspired and could’ve been drawn more carefully. Though, since I am far from perfect (far, far – oh, so very far), I find it strangely heartening to find mistakes or weaknesses made by an earlier generation of pros.

I do like the logo, though I’m not sure that thing in the middle quite qualifies as a J. But it’d’ve been killer on the company ball team uniforms.




I sort of forget what this is for (soup, probably), but the script is so nice – the f-o connection, the v-e, the way it’s hand drawn but still with an intentionality to the execution. Compared to the script above, you can see how just a little exploration can really liven up a piece. Lovely.


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