Time is an Angry German Expressionist Woodcut

Posted in Fortune Magazine by DCroy on 14 January 2009


The Indented Spiral

The Indented Spiral

There’s nothing of obvious typographical interest here. Although, I’m noticing that there are virtually no ads with rag body copy. I wonder if it’s a function of the streamline look of the era, or if it’s based on a theory of differentiating the ads from the editorial. But again considering how much work must’ve gone into doing the full justified copy, they must have had a reason.

Idle Speculations:


  • This whole thing is weird: the German Expressionist and wickedly angry persona of Time, coupled with a photomontage of the hand and iron pipe, in front of what might be airbrushed clouds. It’s like a dada collage.
  • Genuine Puddled Wrought Iron: Science and invention have never found a satisfactory substitute. 
  • What’s the big deal about the indented spiral? This is one of those things that probably means something to the people in the company but has zero resonance with the public. I encounter this a lot – it’s always difficult to tell a client that they are, in a lot of ways, the least qualified to judge creative work because they are the most knowledgeable about their company. Ads are directed, of course, to people who don’t yet know about you.

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  1. marlinco said, on 15 January 2009 at 6:58 am

    The headline is just as obtuse as the imagery. “Time knows,” “indented spiral,” “marks the Metal of the Ages”…what the hell does it all MEAN?

    Great. Now I’m angry.

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