Posted in Fortune Magazine by DCroy on 6 February 2009


Profiting from Hardship.

Kimberly Clark: Profiting from Hardship.

Quote: “Scheele never profited from this or any other of his discoveries. Hardships and unremitting labor brought about his death only two days after he married the woman for whom he had worked so long. But the generations which came after him have profited!” Admirably frank about the methods and depredations of capitalism. But apart from that, and the weirdly gorgeous illustration by Rolf Klep (a frequent Fortune contributor), there’s plenty of nice lettering going on.



First is this really great Caslon. Look at that crazy lower cas a, the weighty foot on the T, the quirky width of the A. This is why I love hand lettering: you can take the work of your elders and make it your own. Of course, nobody’s paying for hand lettering much anymore, and especially not for a Caslon headline. 

And second is that neato Kleerfect script. I have a feeling that the letterer had a sketchbook with that angular bottom curve worked out in it and was just psyched that Kimberly Clark bought it. Also, check out the not-Futura on the tag line. Excellent.

And apparently, K-C was doing their part, too.




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