Package Machinery

Posted in Fortune Magazine by DCroy on 16 February 2009


Some Well Known Products

Some Well Known Products

Again with the excellent rendering on the products, and an interesting trip on the Wayback Machine of package design.

It’s not my favorite era of Hershey’s design (that’d be the simple silver railroad gothic on dark brown), but not the typographical abomination of their current redesign either (nteresting to see their arc from decorative to clean and now heading back to decorative).

Luden’s is still similar (though no longer “antiseptic”). Lucky Strikes didn’t ever change much from this loose tobacco tin, but I think Chesterfield (Ronnie’s fave) is the only one to remain untouched. Kraft and the soaps sort of went crazy on updating the packages. 

 Have to say I’m sort of glad we’re past that era of portmanteau naming (Uneeda, NaBisCo). I have a feeling that that late ’90’s trend of name consulting mishmashy word-sounds (Altria, Acura) are going to seem similarly quaint and strange in a few years.

















Eliminating Expensive Containers

Eliminating Expensive Containers

There’s something kind of hilarious about the silhouettes of the machines.  Something pre-ironic that I can’t put my finger on.


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