Posted in Fortune Magazine by DCroy on 30 March 2009


I was going to post this at first for the Cusenier lettering and because I thought the headlines were funny. But digging around, I found some info about Elizabeth Hawes and Ilka Chase, two really interesting women. Ilka Chase was more famous than I knew, and worked into the 1970’s.

It is usually when men are at their most religious that they behave with the least sense and the greatest cruelty.
Ilka Chase

I feel stupider for not knowing Elizabeth Hawes – what a cool person. Designer, activist, writer, critic.

Originally uploaded by mamluke

Originally uploaded by mamluke

More than just these two women, though, you’re kind of struck by how far we’ve regressed. There’s maybe a hint of sexism if you think Liqueurs are feminine, but then again, they’re not being marketed to women, here, as hostesses, but as women of discernment and taste. I don’t know how many women executives there were back in ’34 (probably like three fewer than there are now), but Cusenier was trying to corner their business. Interesting.


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