Bronze Bodies Soaring

Posted in Fortune Magazine by DCroy on 1 April 2009
Movies with the K

Movies with the K

It’s funny – we tend to look back and think of eras as being more defined than they were. Obviously – I mean, Moderne and Deco didn’t spring forth fully-formed. But this ad would’ve looked right at home up through the fifties.

Also, I don’t want to fall into the rut of “oh how quaint everything was in the good old days” – mostly because I don’t really believe that (dentistry and air conditioning are strong arguments for enjoying the now) – but can you imagine a movie camera today that didn’t require batteries? Amazing! Of course, that camera was running you the equivalent of nearly two grand (in today’s dollars) and you still had to pay for the film processing.

Here’s the headline, enlarged for your enjoyment.

Kodak Gothic

Kodak Gothic


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