All Fluids Must Be Pure

Posted in Fortune Magazine by DCroy on 2 April 2009
The Strength of Purity

The Strength of Purity

This is kind of a really strange ad. Strength is mentioned like six times. Couple that with the talk of purity and the creamy head imagery and it starts getting weird. Looked at another way, purity equalling strength sounds almost Nazi-ish in its paranoia. And who are the “they” that are trying to copy Guinness? There must’ve been something going on that is lost if not to the pages of history then at least to me. Though I suppose it would’ve been known by business types, since the more general Guinness ads of the time were the happy, colorful toucan – not this gray, overcompensating fact sheet.

Idle Speculations:

  • I wonder what was going on in ’34 that would make people think that European products were subpar? Was it just the depletions inherent in a post-war economy or something else? I don’t know.
  • I just don’t like headlines that can almost be read forward and backward. They are inherently meaningless. The strength of purity. The purity of strength. The nothing of nothing.
  • Like the hand-lettered typography. But how seriously did they cheap out on the product illustration? It’s like third rate clip art.
  • Guinness is good for you. Even if it’s not, I’m still going to believe that it is.

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