Posted in Fortune Magazine by DCroy on 29 April 2009

It’s not really the finer champagne unless there are only two champagnes. Or unless they’re saying that there’s just no way this could be considered the best of all champagnes.



Either way, I have no idea if this is Veuve Clicquot or what. I’m not sure Jos. Garneau ever imported the Veuve Clicquot we all think of when we see that c-q right next to each other; and it was a company otherwise known for crazy bottles that – let’s just say “elegant” isn’t the word. And it’s not mentioned in this amazingly detailed article on the purchasing of Garneau as part of the long march toward world domination of Brown-Forman. You all know B.F., of course, as the makers of Jack Daniels (really? that just seems weird to me – that JD is just one flavor in a giant beverage portfolio, as Snapple is just one flavor sitting next to Clamato and Diet Rite under the Dr. Pepper umbrella).

After all that, I’m not sure why I bothered to scan this boring thing. Nice c maybe. I don’t know. And speaking of that, here’s another thing that I don’t remember the rationale for wanting to scan:




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