The pulse-beat of elevator service.

Posted in Fortune Magazine by DCroy on 1 May 2009
Just a couple guys, thinkin bout that doohickey there.

Just a couple guys, thinkin' 'bout that doohickey there.

What struck me about this ad is its cleanliness, both good and bad. It’s sharp and disciplined, it’s got everything that I think I love going for it – not even a logo to clutter it up. But I’m not sure it’s not boring.

Anyway, I don’t think we’ll ever see this kind of retail ad again. Straightforward, informative, about a real product. On the current Otis website, they’ve gotten all polo-shirted-worker-drone saying “I am Otis” whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean*. What makes it all the creepier is that now Otis isn’t even Otis. It’s a division of one-time cold war aerospace giant turned multinational conglomerate United Technologies.

That’s one thing I’m learning in this journey through the Fortune Magazine: except for the occasional booze brand, seemingly everything advertised in the magazine is either gone or part of one of a small handful of gigantic, amorphous conglomerates. I’m sure I’ll have more thoughts on that later.

* It means it was the only thing bland enough to get through the internal marketing committees: vaguely positive, but fundamentally so empty that nobody could think of a reason to not go with it.


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