The Dude is Us

Posted in Off Topic by DCroy on 26 May 2009

I know they’re gone, but with Cheney’s torture tour it seems less and less like it. And seriously, Cheney has to know that he’s admitted committing war crimes, doesn’t he? He has to. Why else would he be pushing so hard to make his torture decisions seem vital to the continued existence of the United States? Protesting too much would be the phrase, I think.

But anyway, walking around the produce aisle, it struck me that we’re all living in the Coen’s world now –  (this is part glib blog post bullshit, but also part of a different rant that movie critics don’t know how to approach their movies – more on that, probably, later, maybe) specifically the Big Lebowski. 

Cheney is Walter

  • The war fetish, minus actual service; a love of the dark side; ability to obtain human toes on demand).
  • Yeesh


There are rules.

Donny is Bush

  • Out of his element.

And the Dude? We’re all the Dude.

  • Exasperated. Reduced to parroting the patriotic sayings (this aggression will not stand).  Trying to get on with our lives, but constantly frustrated.

I suppose you could make the argument that Larry (the kid with the homework) is Iraq? Maybe? The big Lebowski, maybe the oil producing nations? I don’t know – it’s not perfect. How about Lebowski’s assistant as the Republican party? Any thoughts? Who are the nihilists? And the Jesus?


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