Oh the hilarity.

Posted in Life Sucks by DCroy on 18 June 2009
Barack Obama, you see, is not white. Isnt that hilarious?

Barack Obama, you see, is not white. Isn't that hilarious?

This whole thing is embarrassing to me for several reasons. Oddly enough, not so much for the racism, if only because the idea that there isn’t what I think of as “country club racism” – where white people, feeling insulated from the larger culture are just as retrograde idiotic as ever – is just naïve. Enough bad press and even those morons can figure out that they should keep their spook jokes to between beers on their restricted back nine.

It’s somehow more embarrassing to me that we elect people who are both so blinkered as to harbor ideas as ludicrous as racism; that these people aren’t pumping gas in some rural backwater, but somehow convinced a plurality of their fellow citizens to vote for them. And that they haven’t the wit to examine those ludicrous ideas, but rather feel completely justified and comfortable making, really, the world’s lamest joke. Did they giggle at this? Did they think it was cute and funny? That’s the other thing, I suppose – how degraded is our sense of humor, how low are our standards? And what is more, if you are an idiot who really did think the “Historical Keepsake” was funny, at least have the nuts to stand up and admit it. Behind closed doors, you people obviously think that taking offense at something like that is PC weakness, given the tenor of the “apologies.” But, come on! If you think Obama is unqualified or laughable because of the color of his skin, come out of the closet. Let us all know. Cut the PC blather of apologizing “if someone took offense,” stand up and say, yes, of course, you are just about about as big an idiot as it is possible to be in believing (really? I almost can’t believe that people actually believe it) that skin color makes some kind of difference. We already know you’re a moron. At least you could admit it.


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