Hooray for Football, pt.3

Posted in Life Sucks, Off Topic by DCroy on 30 September 2009

I’d thought this was going to be a one-off rant, but the awesomeness of football is unstoppable.

It’s, of course, “everything that is wrong with America,” as one blogger put it. It kills children. And now it gives you Alzheimer’s.

You might think that’d be enough to doom an activity to the fringe subcultures lurking in the darker corners of craigslist, but add to that the actual experience of watching it (as reported by the fine journalists at Cracked) and it’s kind of amazing that we’d all watch (and love!) something so boring. Yes, it’s violent. We love violence. But other than that, what’s the appeal? That I do not know the answer makes me feel like an alien.

From cracked.com

From cracked.com


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  1. jan said, on 2 October 2009 at 8:35 pm

    Dave, I would hate to see the pie chart for the last two minutes of an NFL game. I think those numbers would all be doubled except for the game / play time.

    On a similar note, I’m getting bored with all TV sport/ainment including hockey, baseball, basketball, football, Nascar. There’s no production values whatsoever and a tidal wave of commercial content; a certainty to bore viewers to death.

    I hardly watch sport any more. Even the olympics are a pass. I’m jaundiced I guess.

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