Hooray for Football, pt. 5

Posted in Life Sucks, Off Topic by DCroy on 24 January 2010

I’ve always suspected as much, but research shows (and this time it’s actual journalistic research, although Cracked beat ’em to the conclusions in a satirical way) that the average football game has just 11 minutes of action. The rest is people standing around.

The knock on baseball, from people who like to make pointless dualities like baseball vs. football, is that it’s a whole lot of guys just standing around. Which is true, apart from the pitcher-batter duel, which is what makes baseball interesting to many baseball fans. But it turns out the football is just as boring.

Judged by the metric of continuous battle and physical play, the best sport would have to be cycling. It’s best viewed on television (it’s tremendously exciting first hand, but you can’t really get the overall feel of the race), and it combines team and individual competition. Kind of surprising that it’s not more popular here. After all, cycling practically invented the steroid scandal, there are plenty of colorful logos on the uniforms (just like NASCAR!), and it can be quite dangerous. What’s not to like?

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