Everything InD Right Place

Posted in graphic design by DCroy on 14 November 2013

This is either something everyone knows already and will look stupid to post, or you’ll have your mind blown as much as I did when I stumbled upon it.

Usually, when I’m working in InDesign, I’ve got the project folder open in the Finder, where I keep the project files (extremely anally) organized. But then when you’ve got to place one of those files into InDesign and you open the Place window, it’s pointing to some sub-sub-sub folder from some other project, and it’s a pain in the patoot to drill down into your current sub-sub-sub folder (which you must do if you need the Place Options tick box).

Diagram showing how to drag a file into the place window of Adobe InDesign.

Easy as A, B.

But! I discovered that you can just drag the file from the open folder into the place window and InDesign automatically adjusts the place window to that file. Then you can use your place options and whatever. So either, you’re welcome, or sorry I’m such an idiot. Either way.


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